Get A Salad Bar

Letter to School District

You are welcome to use this letter template to encourage your school district to apply for a Salad Bars to Schools grant. Consider sharing this with other parents and concerned community members and ask them to do the same.

[Month, Day Year]

[School District Name]
[Street Address]
[City, State Zip]

RE: Salad Bars to our School

Dear [School District Name] Board & Staff,

As a [parent/caregiver] of a [School District Name] student, I am committed to finding ways to increase access to healthy fruits and vegetables in our school lunch program. This is a great way to instill healthy eating habits and to help prevent childhood obesity in our community. Salad Bars to Schools awards school grants for free salad bars. If awarded the grant, our school would receive:

  • 1 portable 72-inch, 5-well insulated salad bar
  • 2 tray slides
  • 5 pan chillers
  • Divider bars
  • 2 – 4” deep full pans with covers
  • 4 – 4” deep half pans with covers
  • 12 – 4” deep quarter pans with covers
  • 5 buffet chilling pads
  • 16 serving tongs

I know that we would all like to see our kids eating healthy school lunches including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and supporting research shows that school salad bars are great way to make this happen. I hope that you will take a look at this opportunity and consider applying for the free salad bar grant program at You might also be interested in visiting The Lunch Box (, which has helpful resources and tools for implementing school salad bars.

Kind regards,