Get A Salad Bar

Tailored just for you – resources and tools for getting a salad bar grant.

Supplementary Fundraising

You can accelerate funding of your salad bar(s) by encouraging support from your community. Here are some supplementary fundraising ideas for communications and events:


ASK LETTERS: Contact a local company or community organization and ask if they would support a salad bar for your school. This letter should come from your schools’ superintendent, principal, food services director, or a PTA/O member. You can use this template letter and customize it with information specific to your school / the local company you are reaching out to.

ADVOCATE OUTREACH: Encourage school administrators, staff, board members, and parents to share your fundraising efforts through their personal contacts and social media accounts.

NEWSLETTER: Feature your salad bar fundraiser in your school newsletter and be sure to provide progress updates in subsequent newsletters.

WEBSITE: Add an eye-catching graphic on your homepage that links to your fundraising page on the LMSB2S site.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Have your school/district post weekly announcements about your salad bar fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter.

BLOG: If your school has an active blog, feature your salad bar fundraiser in several blog posts that provide updates on your progress.

EMAIL SIGNATURES: Ask school administrators and staff to place a link to your fundraising page in their email signatures.

Suggested copy: “Help bring a salad bar to our school! Visit our fundraising page  at Let’s Move Salad bars to Schools (LMSB2S) to support our latest healthy eating initiative.”


FUNDRAISING MEAL: Organize a special fundraising meal, such as a pancake breakfast or a Friday night dinner, in the school cafeteria.

GUEST SPEAKER: Plan a student concert for parents, teachers, and other school staff. Invite a guest speaker to come and promote your salad bar fundraiser.

SCHOOL GARAGE SALE: Sell individual tables or spaces to parents for $10. Also have a school table with donated goods from other parents and the school.

WALKATHON: Invite students, parents, teachers, school staff, and community members to “Walk for Salad Bars.”

LOCAL RESTAURANT: Organize an “Eat for Salad Bars” event every Thursday or Friday evening for one month. A portion of the proceeds can go towards your salad bar fundraiser.

GROCERY STORE: Work with your local grocery store to have a percentage of their salad bar sales donated to your school’s salad bar fundraiser.

FAMILY FUN NIGHT: Hold a fundraising event that includes a book fair, games, food stations, face painting, and even a photographer.